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    NGS service

    Please refer Core’s web site for finding available services and example costs. Here, we provide another useful function; a project simulation form you can create and share with the Core staff. This is not to be used to create a bill, but to help each client to estimate a project cost. Once you submit the form, the Core staff will contact you to discuss project details. The form is subject to be updated as the technology develops and more options/price changes (hopefully decreases!) become available. Any feedbacks from users are very much appreciated!
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    There is a growing need for biomedical researchers to obtain skills in Big Data Science. In order to educate any level of biomedical researchers and increase proficiencies in handling and interpreting Big Data Genomics, I am developing (1) NGS dictionary (a web-based massive collection of Linux/R commands you can use by copying/pasting). (2) Tutorial courses are also provided to any interested audiences to facilitate the use of these commands and promote proficiencies in Big Data Genomics.
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    I am pushing hard to advance research projects in the lab. Ongoing projects include the fields of neurogenomics, cancer genomics, point-of-care biomarker analysis, bioinformatics, education and outreaching. Due to limited fundings, no positions are open that require salary support now, but interested students and self-funded scholars are very much welcome to join and extend your ability in cutting edge genomics and bioinformatics R&D projects!
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Our Concept

We are specialized in genomics and bioinformatics in aspects of providing services, R&D, education and entrepreneurship.
Yuka earned her PhD at University of Tokyo, Japan, followed by her first postdoc at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Her earlier research focus was in biochemistry, cell biology, and animal metabolic studies. After she moved to Yale University, she dived into human brain genomics, where she gained bulk experiences on the cutting-edge genomics and bioinformatics technologies (Neuron 2009 (PMID: 19477152), PNAS 2011 (PMID: 21368140), Nature 2011 (PMID: 22031440)).

After being recruited as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Penn State College of Medicine in 2013, we increased the NGS business by almost 30% growth every year, published more than 25 papers including Science, Nature Communications, Cell Reports, and contributed to more than 10 awarded grants.

YukaLab’s ongoing projects include (1) integrated genomics analysis in epilepsy, (2) precision genomics analysis in developing nervous systems, (3) exosomal miRNA profiling in various diseases including Parkinson’s Disease, GI tract inflammation and cancer, and Bladder cancer (and more!?) (4) structural rearrangement in relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and (5) Education Initiative in Big Data Genomics (EIBDG).